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Events At Songbird

Phoenix Writer's Group

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A medium to large group of local Phoenix writers get together here at Songbird Monday evenings from 6:30 to 9pm to read their stories and give constructive criticism after readings have finished. We are open to the public, but do not advertise it simply because we don't know how long the writer's group will be here. However, with that said, they've been meeting here for the last three months, every Monday of the week.

Meet Our Baristas

Erin Westgate

:: Co-owner/founder, operator, head barista + baker ::

Erin was born and raised in northern California and since her college days at Point Loma Nazarene Univeristy in San Diego, she always had a dream of opening her own coffee + tea house -- that dream became a reality when Songbird officially opened on Monday, July 23rd, 2012.

Michelle Behmetuik

Michelle hails from the wonderful city of Seattle, Washington -- home of coffee + fantastic music. Essentially, she was born to have passion for coffee + good music...and naturally, she does. She's a fantastic barista, gaining experience over the last few years at other shops, but now she's truly where she at Songbird, full-time.

Hannah Bachinski

Hannah is a local Phoenician, has over ten years of barista experience + customer service. She is pitbull enthusiast (no, not that Pitbull) and has three rescued pitbulls with her wonderful husband. Hannah is also a local artist and has worked at two of our favorite Arizona coffeehouses: Press Coffee Roasters + Echo Coffee. Yeah, she's legit alright. We're lucky to have her.

Payton Hager

Payton grew up in a small town in Kentucky that no one's ever heard of. Despite not having any family here in Arizona, she moved here a few years ago and has since fallen in love with Downtown Phoenix. She's worked as a barista since her second day of living in Arizona and as a longtime fan, could not be happier to have found her place at Songbird. In fact, you'll probably see her here on her days off- doing homework, or quoting movies with the regulars.

Jonathan Carroll

:: Co-owner & founder ::

Jonathan was born right here in the heart of Phoenix at Good Sam (in a wing of the hospital that is no longer standing -- he's old).

He's always had a keen interest and passion in small business, social media and marketing, using his own creative ideas to engage with current and potential clientele here at Songbird. Being unique and different is only half of what makes Songbird sing a fine tune.

He never had any intention of opening a small coffee & tea house, but his wife, Erin did. It was her dream and he made it come true.

Having ZERO knowledge of coffee or tea, he grasped and learned the ropes over four years ago and now has the passion and drive to keep growing Songbird one cup of fresh pourover coffee or loose leaf tea at a time.

Music We Play


One of the best bands of the last 15 years. Amazing musicians, creative + fantastic live. Great shows.


A great British band, fronted by the amazing + dynamic Freddie Mercury + guitarist, Brian May.

Led Zeppelin

Pure rock + roll. The purist of rock. The one and only Led Zeppelin. Break out the Led. One of the greatest bands of all time -- perhaps the greatest of all time.

Pink Floyd

What can we say? Amazing musicians, amazing lyricists, fantastic guitarist. Gilmour + Waters -- what's not to love? One of the greatest bands ever. Great rock. Great imagery to take your imagination to the next level with their songs. Vivid + psychadelic at times.

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire hails from Montreal and includes quite a few instrumentalists that often switch off during live permormances. Won grammy's for 2011's "Funeral," and have two other grammy's for "Neon Bible" + "The Suburbs."

Dire Straits

Solid British rock band formed in the late 70s by Mark Knopfler (lead vocals, lead guitar) and brother, David. Solid musicians, solid guitarist.

Frank Sinatra

Sinatra was as classy as they come, a bit of a temper, great with the ladies and had a voice like any other -- you can recognize his voice from any song, no matter if you're not a fan. Unique? To say the least. Well known for swing, jazz, big band music.

Jeff Buckley

Buckley died way too young, drowning in the Wolf River Harbor in Memphis, Tennessee. There was no evidence of foul play or drug-related issues that caused his death -- simply put, an accidental drowning. A truly sad tale for an amazing talent. He made one studio album, but it's one of the greatest "unknown" albums you'll ever listen to + you'll listen to it over and over again as it's that good. What's more, after his death, "Sketches for my Sweetheart The Drunk" was released with full-length songs he had been working on for a second album.

Pedro the Lion

Check out "Options" off of the album "Control" via the YouTube link

Camera Obscura

Check out CO's "Eighties Fan" via the YouTube link

The Mountain Goats

Check out "Tallahassee" via YouTube link

Built to Spill

Check out "Carry the Zero" via YouTube link

Joe Esposito

Joe Esposito has actually won grammys -- no joke, but he's truly known for one song, a powerful, epic, blow your face off kind of song. Okay, not really, but everytime you hear "You're The Best," you can't help but to think of Daniel-SAN in the title karate match, right?

Check out "You're The Best (Around)" via the YouTube link -- it's a great song to pump yourself up too!

Joe Satriani

An amazing self-taught guitarist, percussionist, keyboardist, etc. The guy is uber-talented and one of our faves.

Sketching In Stereo

Originally out of Tucson, now reside here in Phoenix. One of the best bands to EVER come out of the Phoenix Metro Area. Extremely gifted musicians that create crafted melodies with a blend of progressive + alternative rock. They're just as good live as they are on their albums. When people say the word "musician," think Sketching In Stereo. These guys were born to create music.

Local Partners

Cortez Coffee Company

Ron Cortez specializes in roasting coffee beans and roasts coffee from all over the entire country.

He knows coffee like the back of his hand and probably before he was born.

Maya Tea Company

As Songbird stays local, we knew from the beginning we wanted Maya Tea Company to be part of our journey when we first opened our doors back in 2012. To us, quality meant a smile from each and every customer that ordered and tried a loose leaf tea from Songbird. Furthermore, our customers keep coming back for more and Maya Tea is part of the reason why.

Treehouse Bakery

Located in central Phoenix, Treehouse creates hand-crafted artisan vegan cupcakes, cookies, muffins, pies and uncheesecakes with all natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. All of their items are completely vegan, egg and dairy free.

Fermented Tea Company

As many of you know, we only join forces with vendors and/or local partners if we truly believe in the product they offer. As a whole, we've been interested in offering kombucha for a while now. Now, it's here and ready for purchase.

Rainbow Donuts

In our honest opinion, we absolutely love Rainbow Donuts, so we decided to partner with the best donuts in AZ (heck, it even says so on their pink boxes).

Press Coverage

Songbird Coffee :: A Living Room for RoPo Students

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism @ ASU · Blake Benard · May 6, 2015

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism student Blake Benard stops in to capture some footage, speak to customers and owner Erin Westgate Carroll about the growing community between Songbird + Roosevelt Point (just across the street from us).

8 Reasons We Should All Be Moving To Arizona's Valley Of The Sun Right Now

Matador Network · Emma Theme · April 30, 2015

We get mentioned in this wonderful article.

Songbird Coffee & Tea House Is Now Open in New Location on Third Street

Chow Bella :: Phoenix New Times Food & Drink Blog · Lauren Saria · April 27, 2015

We relocated + did stuff.

Songbird re-opening pleases customers in century old house

Arizona State University | The State Press · Celina Jimenez · April 26, 2015

Writer Celina Jimenez mentions our relocation house...a long time coming.

Songbird Coffee & Tea House Makes Short Flight to (NEW) OLD Phoenix Home

Roast Magazine | Daily Coffee News · Nick Brown · April 24, 2015

Nick Brown, head-publisher of Roast Magazine/Daily Coffee News interviewed us about our reopening at 812.

Roosevelt Row

Connected Films · Douglas Proce · Jan. 29, 2015

Douglas Proce walked around Roosevelt Row and captured some great images of local businesses including us. It's a great 3+ minute video.

The Mayor Gives Songbird + This Could Be PHX A Shout-Out

The Mayor · Mayor Greg Stanton · Aug. 4, 2014

Mayor Greg Stanton gave us a "shout-out" for our hard work putting together "PHX Coffee Culture," in a collaboration with local non-profit, This Could Be PHX. We're honored that he'd take the time to check out what we're attempting to do, one cup of coffee at a time.

Thank you, Mayor Stanton -- we're very happy for getting mentioned.

-Songbird Coffee & Tea House-

PHX Coffee Culture

Arizona Republic | · Kyle Mitten · Aug. 1, 2014

We had an idea to create PHX Coffee Culture and decided to collaborate with an organization that cares about the community, culture + growth of Phoenix as much as we do -- This Could Be PHX. Together, we came up with 13 local shops between Washington + Thomas + 7th St to 7th Avenue.

PHX Coffee Culture is about supporting local, spending local and creating awareness for those who don't know about our amazing coffee culture.

Click on the link to check out the article that came out on Friday, August 1st. Cheers + thank you for your support of not only Songbird, but other local shops as well.

-Songbird Coffee & Tea House-

Best Almond Latte

AZ Big Media · AZ Big Media · July 12, 2014

A nice little write-up courtesy of AZ Big Media, mentioning Songbird Coffee & Tea House, Echo Coffee, Lux & LGO for having the best almond milk lattes. Thanks so much! Come back anytime.

charlotte day

Aug. 12, 2015

I was amazed by the fact that you play a lot of good music. Stuff like Frank Sinatra. It's relaxing.


July 16, 2015

You guys sound so genuine and nice I am anticipating my chance to visit here and relax.


April 15, 2015

I love the location of your business. I remember it as the Red Dog Gallery.

I love the title of your business, since I volunteer to help a bird rescue for adoptable exotic birds (the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue). It would be nice to see a connection.

Raven Barehand

March 24, 2015

Hi! You guys take coffe shop stuff to the zenith! I' am headed over there in a few minutes but now I'm at Phoenix College. I read about you in the New Times. :)


Dec. 3, 2014

please keep me informed of your upcoming new location. thank you...