Songbird Coffee & Tea House

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Songbird is not your average coffee & tea house. What makes us different? Everything we offer is LOCAL. Our roaster is in Tempe, our loose leaf tea provider is based in Tucson. We are the only coffee & tea house to not only specialize in quality coffee, but the only one to offer a variety of loose leaf tea. Our design, decor and menu board are quite unique compared to other coffeehouses in the Phoenix area -- drop in and see for yourself.
We love coffee. We love making it, drinking it and sharing it with others. . If you are a coffee & tea lover or both and are in the Evans-Churchill Neighborhood and on Roosevelt Row, come in and see us. We are located literally just west of our friend and neighbor, GreenHaus (look for the green buliding just off of 3rd Street, on your right on Roosevelt -- we're on the north side of Roosevelt, just west of the alley (with parking).
We host monthly art shows and rotate local artists' works on our walls for customers to enjoy and purchase if interested. We take 0% commission for any work sold. An artist's work is not about US, it's about THEM. We're just happy to provide a space.

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